IBX and CND Rescue Rxx nail strengthening treatments

rescue rxx imageCND Rescue Rxx is a highly effective daily keratin treatment you apply at home to bare nails. It repairs damaged nails with the power of keratin protein & conditioning jojoba oil.

£4.99   (3.7ml size)















IBX Repair & Restore Salon Treatments


These new nail products are able to:

¨ Repair severe nail damage & delamination

¨ Toughen the upper layers of the nail plate

¨ Promote nail growth by giving strength

¨ Be used regularly under gel polish

¨ Be used regularly under standard nail polish


IBX is a 20 min nail strengthening treatment applied during your nail service. Regular application every 2—4 weeks is essential to obtain maximum benefit.


IBX added to any single manicure, pedicure or Shellac service   £5.00


fix damaged nails