Callus Peel Pedicures for hard skin removal






Callus Peel – fast, safe treatment for dry heels!

Perfect for gently removing hard skin on the feet. Safe for diabetic clients & pregnant ladies too.

Course of 4 sessions recommended for thicker hard skin & cracked heel conditions.

Benefit from this specialist treatment as a one off treatment or add it to your regular pedicure service.


Pedicure Treatment                     No polish.          With Vinylux polish          With Shellac gel polish

Callus Peel treatment only                   £15.00                           N/A                                              N/A

CP with Mini-pedicure                        £20.00                         £23.00                                            N/A

CP with Shellac pedicure                       N/A                             N/A                                            £38.00

CP with Traditional pedicure              £35.00                         £38.00                                         £40.00

CP with Luxury pedicure                    £40.00                         £43.00                                         £45.00


One treatment of Callus Peel will remove a regular amount of hard skin on the feet but for thick or cracked skin a course of 4 sessions, 2 to 3 weeks apart is recommended for complete removal.


Purchase a course of any 4 Callus Peel sessions and receive a FREE 100 ml aftercare foot cream for home use (RRP £9.99)