Callus Peel Pedicures for hard skin removal






Callus Peel – fast, safe treatment for dry heels!

Perfect for gently removing hard skin on the feet. Safe for diabetic clients & pregnant ladies too.

Course of 4 sessions recommended for thicker hard skin & cracked heel conditions.

Benefit from this specialist treatment as a one off treatment or add it to your regular pedicure service.


Pedicure Treatment                     No polish.          With Vinylux polish          With Shellac gel polish          With Lecente Create gel polish

CP with Mini-pedicure                        £21.00                        £23.00                                   N/A                                                   N/A

CP with gel polish pedicure                  N/A                            N/A                                    £38.00                                              £40.00

CP with Traditional pedicure              £36.00                        £38.00                                £40.00                                             £42.00

CP with Luxury pedicure                    £41.00                         £43.00                                 £46.00                                              £48.00


One treatment of Callus Peel will remove a regular amount of hard skin on the feet but for very thick or cracked skin but 6 weekly appointments are recommended for complete removal and good maintenance.

To reduce problems with your heels, avoid wearing flip flops as this will increase the amount of hard skin produced. Supportive footwear, especially around the heel, is recommended.