Sterex Blend Electrolysis Hair Removal

Sterex Blend Electrolysis – for a safe, effective, progressive and permanent method of removing unwanted hair.







Morag Wood has over 20 years experience of working with electrolysis clients. During this time she has also lectured in and trained many therapists in epilation skills.

Areas most suitable for treatment are: chin, cheeks, neck, lip, eye brow, under arm and bikini line.


Initial appointment to include a consultation, check of current levels for your skin type, 5 – 10 mins of epilation, home care advice and free mini after care lotion   £8.00

Further appointments:

Up to 5 mins      £8.00

5 to 10 mins       £10.00

10 to 15 mins     £15.00

15 to 25 mins      £20.00

For those clients who require longer weekly sessions, an individual price will be established at a lower price.



What is Electrolysis?

Electrolysis is still recognised as the ONLY method of PERMANENT hair removal.

In the hands of a well trained electrologist it is a perfectly safe and highly effective treatment. One of the 3 different methods of electrolysis will work on (and is suitable for) ALL hair types and colours and ALL skin types and colours.

What are the different electrolysis methods?

Short wave diathermy or thermolysis uses an alternating current at a high frequency and low voltage. This causes the water molecules around the follicle to vibrate resulting in the production of heat, stopping the blood supply to the root, which weakens and eventually destroys the hair.

The galvanic DC (Direct Current) method causes a chemical reaction in the salt and water in the follicle. This reaction creates a chemical called Sodium Hydroxide or Lye, the Lye stops the nourishment to the cells that cause hair growth.

The Blend is the most recent method combines Galvanic (DC) and Thermolysis (AC). This is the most effective method because the lye is more efficient at weakening the hair when heated. This is said to be the quickest and most comfortable method especially good for curly or distorted hair follicles.

For successful and effective results, each individual hair requires repeated treatments.  This is because each individual hair has its’ own growing cycle called Anagen, Catagen and Telogen. This is not unlike the ‘cycle of life’ with Anagen being the ‘alive’ and growing stage, Catagen the ‘collapsing’ stage where the hair collapses away from its source of food and nourishment (the dermal papilla) and the Telogen stage where the hair is ‘tired’ and dying and disconnected completely from its dermal papilla.  Successful treatment for electrolysis (and incidentally also laser and ipl) has to target the hair in Anagen to achieve optimum results as it is the destruction of the dermal papilla which is required. Therefore results are not immediate and take a little time…  but electrolysis does work and it is permanent.

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